The Carriage Rooms Film

The Carriage Rooms

The Carriage Rooms at Montalto Estate have just launched their new website. Wolfhound stepped in to create their landing page video background and also a longer more detailed version of the film for use on social media etc which you can see above.

We used a combination of 4k resolution, slow measured camera moves, aerial footage, split screen and lingering shots to really show off all of the magnificent texture and detail that the venue has to offer.

One really nice quote from Keith Reilly, the manager, was "We work here every day and this film has made us see The Carriage Rooms in a whole new light. It's like coming to work at a different place." Keith's original brief was to produce an "Award winning" film to complement the site design. We hope we've fulfilled our side of the bargain.

Also, massive thanks must go to Olivia Read our assistant for the duration of the shoot. Olivia proved herself to be a very hands on and capable person right from the outset, not afraid to jump in and start getting things done. However we couldn't find her off switch! #chatterbox