Video Marketing: Community, Not Content, Is King

6 Trends Fuelling the Community Revolution

  • Community, Not Content, is King. Understanding this new generation of community and fandom is an essential requirement. This new group dictates the way social platforms work for brands, so work with them.
  • Passion Trumps Production. Viewers can tell when passion is authentic or just a cynical ploy to garner attention.
  • Be Engagement-driven, Not Hit-driven. Fan communities can’t just be 'talked to', they require collaborating with.
  • Think Small to Achieve Big. Thanks to the ongoing engagement between creators and their fans, the former can now better financially sustain more niche businesses than ever before.
  • Make Universes, Not Content. I.e. create the right kind of content for each platform. That's why every brand needs a multi-platform video strategy, because one size does not fit all anymore.
  • Revenue Grows When it Disappears. The Mobile Generation hates being sold to, at least in an obvious way. Brands need to get more creative with revenue streams.

Brands Must Act to Keep Up With Their Audience

There are four distinct actions brands must take in order to thrive in the online-content space, and each involves letting go of habits from television advertising.

  • Know That Community is King. Brands need to move past the terms 'user' or 'consumer' and instead treat people for who they actually are - community members and active participants in the process.
  • Work with Influencers Who Have Real Passion. Brands have so much to learn from creators who have created content that really resonates with an audience.
  • Increase Revenue by Letting it Fade. Forcing your pre-roll ads on the audience of online video creators is disruptive and breaks the bond the viewer has with the content at that very moment. That's why YouTube developed the skippable TrueView pre-roll unit - they understood the disruption and wanted to lessen the disconnect.
  • Foster Engagement. Brands have always struggled to build true relationships with their fans, because traditionally, brands want to sell products, not build friendships. But things are changing and the new digital landscape requires advertisers to do just that. Brands should now be collaborating with creators and influencers, and also generating their own one-on-one relationship with their audience.

Online video is “sui generis,” which is Latin for “of its own kind; in a class by itself; unique.” Incredible opportunity waits for those brands that figure all of this out.